Thursday, September 4, 2008

Subdued or subtle, that is the question

My latest fun was the silk boucle that I had dyed with phaeolus schweinitizii and iron aftermath, looks a bit more olivey in real life, and a muga silk thread on the far right, which is a wild silk from india the color of tussah, and then a kid mohair where the mo dyed in the above bath with no premordant of alum, just the straight iron etc...the nylon did not dye but the mo did, very sweet looking, so I but delica beads on the muga thread and plyed it with the silk boucle, which is the far left, and so hard to see the beads, so sublte as to disappear...but very pleasing to the eye especially in the sunlight.
All is all a fun ply to do and now that my friend, frenchette, picked me up the bead threader from "don;'t ask" store, for sixteen dollars, I can easily string those beads up in is a great tool, and although the first time I tried it I wasn't impressed, but got better the second time and so acquired one for
ease of beading.
I see quite a bit of these speciality yarns in my future, where the cost is high but the delica beads, and pure silks, and the plying all make it well worth the don;'t need much in a project to stand out...

And of course, they will all be yarns I
want to work with, so worse comes to
worse, I will have some yummy beaded yarns...the delica beads make a big difference and although costly are well worth the price. Uniform holes, great color spectrum, and small
dramatic statement...bring on the beader...

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