Tuesday, October 21, 2008

west coast lobsters

Lobsters (hypomyces lactifluorum) fill the pot...that is a sink full. Found a mountain side full of them and have peeled my third batch and here they are...Today, my friend and I went up the mountain for the second time to gather and we had so many we had to take turns carrying the bag....but look at those colors...I did end up adding ammonia to the bath after the peachy tones and voila , instant rose...It changed right before your eyes...so sweet, and now I have peach and rose colors available in the fall...I am thrilled, too thrilled really, it is only wool and mushrooms, but what a rush it can provide.
I threw in the silk scarf and it came out so evenly dyed I was surprised...now I have more on the stove, having washed and peeled the sink full of them, not a pleasant job, a bit buggy and slimy on the hands but well worth it.
I haven't found any sanguinea yet, so perhaps this will have to suffice for the time being, but I am well pleased and will try using washing soda instead of ammonia in future and see if that produces the quick radical results...I don't really like the smell of ammonia on the wool, and have to wash it twice to get the smell out.

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Woolly Bits said...

hi, just found your blog via Leena's... I got a shock first when I read that you use lobsters to dye with:)) took me another entry to understand that there are mushrooms with that name, too! you are lucky to live in an area with loads of different mushrooms. I live in the west of ireland and there are only very few tiny ones to be found - if at all. never mind, I keep picking whatever I find to throw in the dye pot:) and I did like your butt rot entry:)) happy dyeing!
Bettina/west of ireland