Sunday, November 22, 2009

Felting Fever

Here are some of the latest of my felting, felted flowers, and felted bead bracelet and felted bangles...I am really enjoying the felting process again, after many year hiatus, now it has returned, and so much fun...although it is work...
Today after days of rain the semi sanguinea shrooms are finally showing up big time. I have several drying trays full and this is the biggest pick this year. It seems very late but I believe it is because they need quite a wet season before they come to the surface, and we have finally hit their wet ratio, and it is touch and go as they don't like the frost, so we have a small window of picking them before the frost. Other years I have picked much earlier but it has been wetter earlier in those years also. I am always trying to figure out what secrets there are to knowing when they will arrive, but it is really just guessing at this point.
Two Xmas fairs, back to back, in the next few weeks, and that is keeping me busy, although I still want to make some new felt works, and do more shroom dyeing. So far it has been a terrible year for lobsters, which I love to dye with, but hopefully they still have a chance to show up, I am ever hopeful.


Helen said...

I love your felted jewellery-really nice.

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Rainy Daisy said...

The flowers are beautiful - I like the mix of colors there.