Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sleying the reed...

Still in the weaving frame of mind, although I am keen to felt again...just too little time, too many creative thoughts, no elves to help manifest it all and spring is springing here...the snowberry leaves are growing and the herring fleet is in and doing their herring thing...eagles galore, and daffodils who don't seem to mind that it was almost freezing last night...I love weaving although it is work and tiring at times, but probably because with rugs you really do have to beat them solidly and so my shoulders are doing a lot of work, one can actually work up a sweat weaving, just as in felting...I have a lot of cheesecloth ordered for felting, and many patterns in my mind to work with flat pieces of felt so that is very exciting.  I am away from it all for a few weeks, and then will step into gourd work and felting. I am having a small show the beginning of May with a friend, and will do gourd work for that show, I have a gourd site, www.cedart.net where my gourd work is displayed should anyone want to visit .....but felting is really where I want to be next so we shall see....ah spring, so many creative thoughts...I just love it!!!

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