Sunday, August 19, 2012

still ruching thru August

Here are a few pics of the summer of ruching and the loving of felt and eco prints and all things fibery...I have been having a lot of fun with the eco printing...under the name "botany and rust" sort of like Joan Baez's song, :"diamonds and rust" but with some major  The work is going very well this summer and everyone is quite keen on the process, and some have taken up the work so that there are a few of us doing this at the market...I have been felting into the prints and that has been a new thing for me. The ruching or "silk sandwiches" are doing well, and people love the look of the silk ruching and it is so appealing with all the added texture it gives to the work.  Here are some of the results ...Also I have been indigo dyeing and that is always plants are ready in the garden, and next the woad, and weld plants....along with some carrot top dyeing, anything to get out of housework

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