Thursday, August 23, 2007

sock it to me

Some three ply merino sock yarn, washable, or superwash, who can say...I would like to know if there is a difference and what it is, and I would also like to know the process of making it washable, like it is chemically stripped of its scales, or is it coated with polymer? these seem to be the two options and I would like to know which I am working with, not that either sounds very desirable. I do knit socks with this, and they seem safer from shinking but I really don't like the idea very much.

And on a completely other front, I have been spiral scarfing (hat the word scarf) for the obvious reasons, but like the spiralling. I did one with fine kid mohair and on the last two rows added silk and mohair plyed with turned out very small and delicate and I quite like it, pictures to follow later. Now I am casting off on a 50 50 silk merino in bright blue and it is totally other. Might be a little too soft a spiral we will see and I will take pictures.

Another three markets to go before the end of my marketing season, and I will miss talking to all the knitters and fiber fiends that I meet weekly, we have such fun talking about all this, very addictive personalities. So onward to casting off those 800 stitches of the spiral.

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