Friday, August 3, 2007

colours of the week

These are the latest colours of the kid mohair which I sell for the scribble lace work, and I am loving the way kid mohair takes the dye...these are apparently known as "semi solid" which I think means they are from one dye bath, and may be slightly varied in depth of colour....but these are very regular as I have been dyeing other fibres in the vats, and then once the sprinkle dye is dispersed I slip in a few skeins of the kid mohair to suck up the rest of the dye in the vat...thus exhausting the dye bath completely and getting some tonal similarities to the batches....I love the semi solid word, allows for a lot of still knitting away on the baby sweaters, I make one as a sampler of the wools and voila, someone must have it, so onto another, have made four so far with many combinations...even the silk /merino ones which are so so sooo...and made for baby Jesus, or at least a similar non drooling, non messy baby as they have to be hand washed...but they are so irresistable to make and quick, and so doing one now with silk/merino, and soywool combos, so much for using up the ends of balls, these sweaters seem to be sucking up the best of the wools...
Mid summer here on tourist island and as I am trying to get to the gallery and following a 10 mph tourist, Im chanting "we are all tourists on this bus" ...a good reminder to myself, as we'd all be pretty up tight be the end of August without a mantra or two.
So to the beach to sit on the sandstone and knit in the cool of the evening, slightly overcast

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