Friday, July 27, 2007

Acquiring aqua

and it was an aqua moment...always fun to see how the different fibres absorb the dye differently..this is 50/50 silk/merino and two dye baths both with aqua as a main color..and the background in a mohair. I love these colors. I think I may be turning the peach corner.

After sorting out my knitting and project chair, I discovered I have eight clear plastic knitting bags, with eight different projects...and although I tend to feel a little guilty for not finishing one at a time, I realize that I like switching from one needle and fibre to another throughout the evening depending on my mood and my finger I am working on a second jaywalker, socks on two circs, a cashmere/silk shawl, a baby sweater, another pair of socks and a scarf, and a dishcloth from mason dixon which I hope to donate a few to rabbitch's charity, but handling the cotton is a bit shocking and not too pleasurable for me so I have to actually take a silk break from it every once in a while.

So what's with my knitting bag with all the bits and pieces, needles, darners, measuring tape, all jammed in one container, I definitely need some needle holders or something as it is driving me nuts having it all in one bag, even though clear it still is a mess.. need to make some cases, and containers to hold and separate things....any ideas on this would be appreciated.

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