Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have to say how much I love fibre people and the instant rapport felt when connecting with them..I have been doing the local market here twice a week, and even though it has been incredibly hot, wool is selling. If there is a fibre person in the crowd it is the fibre is like a magnet, it allows me to continue to spin and when the magnet grabs a fibre person, they are sucked into the swirl of color and it is so natural and easy to relate. This week I looked up from my spinning and there was a woman, just standing there feeling the fibres and smiling like mad, so sweet to see such pleasure and even though not everyone is into buying they all have a project or a fibre story to tell or a memory to dredge up about fibre, grandmothers , spinning wheels, and all bring good feelings to everyone. How generous is amazing and refreshing to see and feel, I feel honored to be in the loop with all these people.

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