Tuesday, July 24, 2007

decadence and alpaca

And went toVancouver Island yesterday and had one fibre filled day there. What fun ...my fibre friend and I happened to see some alpacas in a field and that was merely the beginning...stopping to look and then of course, wondering, and then talking to the son of the alpaca owners, and then being shown the fleece and you know what happened next, so now researching alpaca...I have never had a fleece and it is sooooo soft...and now to see how to process the fleece, I will take a picture later today and show and tell...that wasn't the end of the fibrous day, as we also managed a lys in Parksville, which is tiny and sort of out of the fifties, but did have some lovely soy and wool dyed beautiful colors, like I need more dyed wool, but it was irresistable apparently because it is now sitting in my knitting basket, and is wonderful to knit with...just couldn't wait to get started. Am making a new baby sweater with the new colors in soy...and have spun some alpaca and plyed it...spun straight out of the locks but am now considering washing then carding perhaps...so all in all a very exciting day and I definitely had my fibre today!!

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