Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More mushroom dyes

This is the latest mushroom dyeing although I realize I didn't have enough of the mushrooms to get the purple color, but did get a lovely taupe which I do love, so not a bad failure. I will have to gather more next time. It was called Strawberry and Cream, and is a small toothed fungus which bleeds red, but apparently is to dye purple. I don't really have the scoop on this yet, and couldn't find any data on this particular mushroom except that it is a dye mushroom, so I used the alum and cream of tartar hoping for the best...and like I said not bad, of course, it is pure silk boucle so it is hard to wreck that fibre, you could drag it through manure and it would probably look lovely I will try and collect more... am working on a sweater, larger size, Tulip and just finished a's that Dreams in Color, same designer as the Tulip and same award winning feature for me, no seaming.....

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