Sunday, October 14, 2007

polypore dyes

More dyeing taking place, yesterday did this batch and today am experimenting with new doing sulphur caps and will take pictures later. Seems I am into the yellow warm shades because that is what I am getting...tried to dye with the coral fungi yesterday, and ended up putting them into a polypore bath as they just didn't take any color from the coral fungi. Perhaps I used the wrong mordant, but I am flying by the seat of my pants, and need to get the mushroom book...I am tracking "Mushrooms for Color" by Miriam Rice but haven;t received a copy yet....Finishing the larger size of the Tulip sweater, and a pair of socks... pics to come

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Cynara de Goutiere said...

Hello Cedar,
great page, glorious colour! Yum.
same down here with the shroom dyeing. Check out my post for mordant for ramarias -"coral mushrooms". They are hard to identify - but whoo if you get the right ones!