Tuesday, November 20, 2007

off the cuff and more

This is the latest mushroom dyeing, the silk really loves the dye doesn't it. I have polypores and western red, and some exhaust red.
What I am learning is more mushrooms less water if I want intense color, so will try again tomorrow with much less water. Still using only alum and cream of tartar, but I can appreciate the subtleness of it...

These are the latest off the needles, and on to the Xmas market on Saturday...all but the pale pink which I have claimed as they are the ones that are totally mushroom dyed...the others have some mushroom dyes in them but not much...I love the total mushroom cuffs...and so warm

Now I am making felt boas with wensleydale curls for the market also.

I am running out of wensleydale curls so if anyone has a sourse I would be grateful.

and more mushroom hunting this morning where we found a good feast of Chantrelle and hedgehog mushrooms.


Leena said...

You have so beautiful colors from mushrooms on silk, congratulations!!
I am curious, do you know the latin name for the western red- mushroom? My mushroom books doesn't have the english names and it would be so exciting to know if we have some of the same mushrooms here in Finland (well, unfortunately our mushroom season is over, only polypores out there).
There was a picture in your blog easrlier of dyers polypore, which gave golds, that is one I have also, I dried them and they are now waiting to be dyed:)

best wishes

Frenchette said...

Impressive amount of cuffs, and the colors look great too. You'll be busy on Saturday I bet. Good Luck. Valérie