Sunday, November 18, 2007

treasure hunting for mushrooms

Here are the latest colors hot off the stove. All mordanted last night, and cooked today...the two yellow in the front are sulfure tufts, one kid mohair and silk and the other 50/50 silk and merino, the greyish, is the hydnellum fungus thanks to dh who came home with a bagful which I was at work, sweet!!!! and the fleshy pinkish is the Western Red dye or cortinarius dermocybes ...sound like I know what I am talking about, big deception
the orange is the western red dye, and a lovely warm orange, its lovely out there in the woods gathering and the whole process I love doing...out in the woods its like a treasure hunt, slow and in the miniscule world, very green and generous.
The only part I have to adapt to the the many pots for many different shrooms, all very busy to keep track of and then the mordanting too, what a pain, but the results so far are worth it, although I would be reticent to part with it yet as it is so labor intensive to me , although I am sure if I continue to do it, the process with the refined some making it easier...this even has me taking notes, which is a first and not really what I like to do, but there are so many part to it I need notes and samples, bleedy frightening, like I don't have enough to do already which I love doing , now I have to stop and take notes off to take notes....

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Great colors, great post valérie