Sunday, July 6, 2008

Silk Road Tour de

On the tour now, thanks to Frenchette's encouragement and enthusiasm, I took up the challenge, and here is the first round...I am spinning about ? of cochineal, tussah silk, which I dyed last week, and trying to spin thread...that would be the challenge, to do anything consistent...not something I usually strive for...and then I will ply it with white silk the challenge has begun....daily I will ride the spinner and hope I stay on track...while speaking the odd French work...and I do mean odd..

so off to the races and good luck everyone..may you win the race
and the winners have to buy more fibre...


Anonymous said...

Le odd francais word eh? Good on ya for joining la race (not a typo race is definitely feminine).

~laurie said...

Is there any chance you'll be doing a dyeing workshop?

(rewselene on ravelry and also doing the tour de fleece )

cedar said...

Hi Laurie: possibly workshop but not until the wells are up in the fall...then who knows, but it sounds like a great idea