Monday, September 10, 2012

Bull Kelp

Some artist license, but spent the morning making kelp, and thinking "kelpish" thoughts...not too difficult, living on a small island in the Salish Sea...surrounded by kelp and other gifts...made some undulating kelp scarves and some cordage with bull kelp heads to wear, and now thinking installation thoughts...all very juicy and energetic, the kelp looks simple but is full of process, and took longer than the morning as I had several component parts made previously.  I love the small detail work, always have, and with felt it fits in so well.  Slow making, slow to keep some notes before I forget completely what I did.  I now keep copious notes on the process, as I realize that there are too many processes in my head to keep track of and so the journal comes in handy.  I used to use it more as a sketch book, now it has become instructional and is very handy when doing something that I have incorporated before, I don't have to start at square one every time.  This is a good thing.
The first rains are here and it smells wonderful, that rain on parched earth smell and my freshly washed icelandic fleece, which was island grown, had to be saved from the rain.  I hardly recognized the sound until it was partially wetted whereupon I had to bring it indoors.  I am going to felt with it, and it is a beautiful between experimenting with the icelandic locks, and harvesting my indigo is busy, not to mention a million plums drying and other food happening for winter storage. 
The indigo plants did very well this year, the ones in pots especially, and they are beginning to I will bring one in and collect seeds from it.  so excited...

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Ginny Huber said...

Love your blog and all that you are doing!! It was a joy to see you on my is true we are on the same coast..and there are some wonderful plants in common.wish the Salish sea was a bit closer..will work my way through some of your earlier posts!