Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling kelpish

Definitely feeling the kelp...took me quite awhile to get the kelp looking kelpish, but finally I liked the result, when I jumbled it on the workbench it almost looked like it washed ashore. These were for our fall fair event, theme of
the Salish Sea, which is where I live...and there truly is kelp, although not as much around the island as there was 38 years ago when I moved here.\
So a success with the kelp, but those orange euc prints are escaping me at every try...get great "botany and rust" prints but just can't pull that orange out of the eucs...so illusive to me...today I opened a few and there were definite outlines of the eucs and it was lovely but it wasn't orange..think I will try on felt instead of the silk which is mostly what I have been using, perhaps?
so to appease my disappointment I picked more indigo and will do more dyeing with it tomorrow....here is a pic of the indigo flower


Ginny Huber said...

It is looking mighty kepish indeed, though I dont see much of the stuff "live" I did at first think some of the pix I've seen of your felted kelp were the "real thing". Will be waiting after a bit to hear about the indigo..and of course the euca which all of us eco-print addicts are after!!

cedar said...

Thanks for the kudos, especially thinkinng the kelp was the real thing!