Saturday, January 19, 2008

What no pictures

Not only have I not blogged for eons but with no pictures to show, manana pictures will follow...and what the hell have I been doing for the past month..
Well the dh left for sea, and apparently I am too busy to blog, who knew, but here I am back again with a vengence, and although I haven't been blogging, I have been dyeing, knitting, spinning, and working my butt off doing chores, working, feeding the fire, cats, birds, myself. So on the knitting front, I have been knitting footsies, the initial pattern from pippi's site. and then my knitting partner, Frenchette, adjusted adapted and finally taught me the german heel and I have a pair I like...and I like the German heel, I could show it to you but it is felted into the footsie...but I will show the footsies manana...they are incredibly warm, made with SWS, and felted...that SWS felts like a hot damn, you have to really watch that stuff, or you could have baby footsies in no time...
also on the knitting front the best thing that happened is Elizabeth Zimmerman's DVD, I have been loving Elizabeth Zimmerman for a long time, but the DVD of her, with Meg Swanson , her daughter, prompting from the background, is a stunning piece of work. Elizabeth is just like in her books, so down to earth, creative, practical, and rather hysterical...and the relationship between her and her daughter is beautiful to behold , not to mention all the tricks of the trade she shares with I started a
Tomten Jacket with mohair wool, and totally enjoyed knitting one of her patterns while listening to her talk about it... I want the other video next...this one i got through the library and it is sooooo worth it..
Am knitting on socks, and made another pair for my dh, out of alpaca/wool blend, with silk and merino mushroom dyed pattern yarn, done in stranding and these look cozy and warm...picture to follow manana working on finishing my mittens, "bird in hand" then I want to make a pair of socks with the german heel, just to see if I like them as normal socks....and I also have a flower basket shawl on the table, with Frenchette's wonderful grafted first big will keep posting on this...well that's all folks but will show pictures and post tomorrow....