Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going Green

Carrot tops, and they came out great on the silk/wool skeins...the centre one is straight carrot, simmered, then strained, and the two outer ones had 1/2 tsp iron added the last l5 min. of the bath...I love them and now want to do more.. I haven't had a huge success with greens so this is very "sagey" and lovely tones...I rinsed the iron ones right away in really hot water, same temp as the dye bath, so that the fibre wouldn't be harsh, and it is very soft and as it was cool today we had a fire going so they are hanging next to the woodstove in all their greening the world one skein at a

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Linda said...

Oh I love that green! I need to see if we have any carrots left in the garden. I have been experimenting with plant matter that is available around our house. I had a lot of Queen Ann's Lace. That gave me a lovely yellow - yellow seems to be what I am mainly getting, only willing to use Alum and Cream of Tarter. Will add carrot tops (hopefully) to this weekend's experiments! Thanks for the lovely pics.