Sunday, August 10, 2008

lac se daisical

New Lac dye from Aurora silk, and it is very lovely, compared to the lac from Earthues, which is more bluish...this is definitely a dark pure raspberry and very rich, richer than it appears here. I did soak the silk in cr. of and alum, and let it sit in the mordant overnight and then another day before rinsing and dyeing. I also put some rinsed in the fridge for a few days, and today did some multi dyeing with some extracts, like fustic, madder, cochineal, logwood purple, and brazilwood. Then I microwaved and now I am practicing patience as they cool in the wraps. I also am not sure how long to leave them so overnight might be the answer. This is so not me, as I love to open them right away.
I will post the results, they are all silk or silk/wool blends and already skeined up. Next I am going to do some silk roving and see what comes of that. this waiting is a bit much, no wonder I am not a potter, I would definitely be opening the kiln too soon...


Anonymous said...

Such rich colors!
Waiting for them to cool off? who are you?

cedar said...

Very funny Frenchette, I told you it was incredible I was being so patient, and yes, am waiting, but now it is morning and I can barely wait to have my coffee before I unwrap, admittedly I did peek at it last night but the surprise still awaits..