Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lac se daisical

here is what I have to show this week, dyeing with Lac..the dark colors in first and the lighter shades in the exhaust bath.. reverything done with alum and cream of tartar mordant. I do like the colors together andwill definitely do more, although I find the mushrooms more rewarding as I gather them myself, i suppose I could go to India and pick insects by the thousands off the ficus trees but I am way too busy right now...and the "cast of patience and perseverence " doesn't come off for a few weeks so I am definitely slowed down...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


and here is the latest addition to my wardrobe, such a teacher in patience and perseverence.. so invited a few friends over and they helped tie dye some silk scarves in lobaria pulmonaria (lungwort) , and wolf moss , which was a gift.. and the results were great.. so back into the forest with walking stick and dh pushed over a few tiny standing dead maples with tons more dried lobaria...and then we found a mother tree of oyster mushrooms, so it was one bountiful day...
and now back to the job for three days

Monday, May 12, 2008

lichen it or not

Out gathering again today, and besides a feast of oyster mushrooms we lucked into lobaria pulmonaria, and my dh has been bugging me about all these lichens I could be experimenting with and he was soo right, as here are the first lichens, from lungwort or lobaria pulmonaria, and we found them in the woods on a fallen maple tree. I soaked them in cold water overnight, and got a great rust color..then today put in some kid mohair which I had wound and mordanted with alum and cr. of tartar, although I know that many don't bother with mordants for this lichen, and then some silk/merino in the exhaust bath.

here are the photos of the lichen, soaking in the water, as today I went back out and gathered more...so between the oyster mushroom feast, which we found yesterday, and went back for more today, and the lichen, I am having a great mothers day....Mother lode of mother's bounty.How sweet is that. I did see some lichen dyed wool that had an iron mordant and was really orange, so have more soaking and might try a little iron to bring more of the reds out, it does seem more reddish brown in real life.
Tomorrow back to the indigo bath, which I have made more stock and will try and refresh the pot..