Friday, June 29, 2012

kissed by Cortinarius

It has been a busy, busy time as I can't seem to get off the workbench since I retired a week ago, and have been gathering, picking, felting, dyeing, spinning, weaving and generally having a lot of time and also have been working on a new series I call "Botany and Rust" which is printing with fungus, rust and botanicals on silk, and then felting onto them or not....'
I often smile when I think that it was years ago I saw India Flint's work, (she being one of the queens of this process) and thought, "what the !@#$#@! is that`` and then even before that many years ago in Fiberarts Magazine, seeing an article with photos of ``compost dyeing`and thought `
`what the !""$/ `` is that.....and now here I am with a lot of `what the !"/$"/`on my workbench and loving it all...and looking back on their works realizing how amazing it here is my wee attempt at it and will continue to watch the alchemy happen and feel thankful for my vision change! lol

 The kiss

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