Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tea cozies

getting cozy with tea cozies and workbench frenzies

Here are my latest obsession....very cool tea cozies., lined with silk, trimmed out with melton cloth hand sewn, wet felted merino wool...have six, and apparently have few more between times mice are happening, which began with Bamboo the cat, finding a piece of felt cordage and going crazy, so long tailed mice are a big hit and are a pretty cute edition to the table!!lol. I imagine a small 
Herd of mice occupying my market space this summer..the other photo is of my workbench, havng just given a workshop on resists inclusions, and flowers with wemsleydale fleece...all did amazing work and I always learn a ton, had a visiting felter from Prince rupert, Jenny, who did amazing felts, and was great with colour, all of them were experienced felters who did great work, making it so easy to have a class with...we covered tons of different techniques, and even managed to squeeze in spring has definitely sprung here, daffodils blooming, herring have spawned, rufus hummers are rlacing the anna's at the feeder, and I am creative like crazy....all signs of spring....bring it on!!!!!