Monday, September 13, 2010

new felting

Here are the latest scarflettes, so inspired...loved all the lichen texture I got from embedding silks etc....just can't get enough of these right now so am thrilled to have some time to make more.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treasure Hunting

We have been having a treasure hunt in the woods, and found treasures...the first of the season, so beautiful and bug free and tasty..have some dehydrating now and will powder them, plus had a huge pan full for dinner last night. So fun, there we are on an ordinary quiet forest walk, not seeing any shrooms at all then voila...and there are many of them, just tucked in the moss by old downed trees, and so clean of insects and so plumb, it was a treat....

Aside from harvesting Chanterelles, no dyers mushrooms to be found. I remember once going up the mountain for dyers shrooms, and seeing a patch of Chanterelles, and I was so focused on finding the sanguineas I passed on the Chanterelles and was about ten steps away, when it dawned on me and back I

Am madly, happily felting and learning new tricks, and loving playing with the fibres and silks, and materials...I will take some photos, but seem to be selling them faster than I can photograph I will be making more variation on the theme, either Nudibranch neckpieces, or Kelp, not sure of the name as people have
seen them as both...but am researching nudibranchs, should have used that as the title to this post, I am sure some weirdos would when
I had my biggest blog hit when I referred to the phaeolus schwinitzii as Butt Rot in my title of the

so work days for the next two and then for some more felting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whew! what a summer

Waiting for these fungi, and eager to dye with more shrooms.Rain for the first day after summer, and the summer folk are all leaving our island, and so the rains comes first and then hopefully some quiet walks in the woods, and some mushroom dyeing.
The summer has passed by so quickly, only really two months of summer this year, and now it definitely feels like fall. The fall faire is the next event and hopefully it will be a beautiful fall day.
Not much dyeing going on right now, as the wells are low this time of year, and the garden is taking the extra water. Much garlic has been harvested, and tomatoes still coming.
I have been obsessed with wet felting, and continue to work on a series of scarves...I will post the pics soon. For now not much to report. The rain is soothing.