Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are we busy yet? guess so...can't even get it together to take photos of my new works...and have sold a bunch at the local fairs...Just finished two fairs, and two more to do.  Seems very busy right now and am selling well so am very pleased as I have room to make more and inspiration to do it.  Have been travelling to one fair and another one this week-end....and the weather here has been wonderful. 
we have been blessed with no ice or frost yet, every year it is so different, remembering ice storms one fair on the next island, so it is a treat to have sun and some rain and some power outages, but it is still winter.   Felting has been alive and well in my studio/home, and am working on several things at a time, which is not unusual.  have orders for rugs, and felting and some dyeing but most of all, it is shroom time here for the dyers shrooms and so that is always such a treat to stop everything because i must go shrooming...slow shrooming is the way to go, and yesterday I found a lot of shrooms for dyeing.  It hasn't been the best year so far but I am hopeful it will continue...the usual spots are not so usual this year so the mycellium keep us guessing.  So much depends on the type of fall we have and this year it was dry and warm, I think some shrooms like that warm wet september to really come forth.  More postings once this season next it is decorating with lights, which is the best part of the season for me...I love the lights.