Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weaving up a storm

and this is what I have been up to for the past three weeks, carpets, learning to weave once again, and
weaving thick, lucsious carpets from l00% Wool, and as an added bonus, they are selling, which is
wonderful.  It all began with refusing wool, and loom from an old friend who quit weaving and thought her daughter would take it up, but she did not want to, and so the offering began..,I held it at bay for over a year, " no, I couldn't possibly take on another obsession, I have felting, dyeing and gourding, and basketmaking and sculpting, but one day, woke up and thought, YES, of course I want your wonderful wool and loom, and your gracious offer, what was I thinking refusing such an offer....and here you have the results.   I now have a 45 inch loom in my house, and much wool, all of wonderful colours, handspun, and plied 4 yes, 4 times, to create a wonderful weft, and so thick and soft I have had to hide them from the cats...they are definitely a cat magnet....
and so felting has stepped aside for the month, but feel it building again with a vengence.....so will
weave for the next two weeks, then have to travel for two weeks and then gourds and felting...
I can hardly wait for the days to begin as I am having such fun each day, not to mention the stinging nettles which have just arrived and we are eating spanikopita without the spinach just the nettles, so spring is springing, and life is good!!!