Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day

  It has been too long...but its a good day to return to the blog....with the goddess from Marija Gimbutas book "language of the goddess" ....this was a wonderful book and this found goddess was from c 24,000 B.C!!!!!!!!!!!I was fortunate enough to have a friend visiting her and was able to give her an eagle feather as a token of my appreciation for her, not long before she died.
 So I made a shield with the image on is about 3 feet by 2 feet, and is made from cast red cedar bark paper, with copper and mica and horsehair, bones, waxed linen and red cedar....I made this several years ago and today am putting it in the women's art show here on the island....

I have been busy with other water felting and doing workshops, have done two on feltmaking l0l and the third is coming up at the end of the month... These have been quite fun and lots of laughs and wool, and fibery teaching the basic wet felting techniques, and once I have
done this will move on to specific techniques.  I am doing this in my glass room so the number is limited to 4 people, and the light is great and even if raining outside it is light and warm in the glass room....
I have also been working on some different felting techniques, and some needling, and dyeing. 
All in all an incredibly busy early spring.  Stinging nettles are being eaten, robins are signing,
daffodils are blooming and spring birds are returning...The herring is going full tilt, so the eagles, and sea lions are talking all day long.   The ocean is carribbean blue with lots of milt, and lots of fat
sea is the picture of abundance here, and I am constantly grateful...