Tuesday, September 22, 2015

As the leaves turn....

Now is gathering and collecting time, and I have been a busy one doing both, and drying and now the rains have started and mushrooms are wakening....so blessed to be on this part of the planet....have been experimenting more with contact printing on shroom dyed silks..how luscious does that sound.
The results are very autumnal and the choices and directions this could go are endless....so little time so many dreams.... Want to be able to live long enough to use all my art supplies, of course, that is endless also, as I seem to be still getting new ones, like the wee shibori tool I recently ordered....and then there is the indigo pot still beckoning...and my partner in crime who defines, gathers, and studies along with me  
Life is good!!! And here are the latest goodness scarves