Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where did summer go?

One moment we are planting carrots and in a blink we are eating them, and harvesting the tops for dyeing, and here are the results...carrot tops on mohair boucle...loving the clarity of the soft green. Did an alum and COT modant, then left overnight in the mordant, rinsed squeezed and added to the dye pot, which was cooked carrot tops that then had sat for a few days and then strained...and voila after 30 minutes of simmering this lovely color. I had remember that I had liked the carrot tops last year but didnt save a sample card...and this year I vow I will keep notes and cards with colors and info on it, as the only data I seem to be able to keep is this dye journal. and I have yet to save anything on the computor, so next is learning to save, and hard copy of samples...
The other is tussah silk, dyed last fall in semi sanguinea mushroom juice and then I spun and plied it with a mohair boucle. It is very soft and friendly and soothing looking. Dyeing season is definitely upon us and the harvest of food is also.
Summer seemed to be a blink of the eye, what with market, working and then I had a gourd show last week and sold everything, which was fabulous, but summer seemed like a moment. Last night I dreamt of mushrooms, so perhaps soon the rain with come and it will be time to go into the woods again.