Sunday, September 25, 2016

RIsing mycellium

LEt the fun is a cauliflower fungi one of three we found in our latest seach for dyer mushrooms, this isn't a dyer but tasty treat and hard to pass by even though we weren't looking for edibles.  fried up til crispy in olive oil and butter...yum
The dyers we found were, tapinell a atrtomentosus, (velvet pax)', these were  abundant and are supposedly able to give purples, but although i did get a lavender hued silver, I have yet to get a true lots of nice colours available in this one shroom...also found some hydnellus peccii,(bleeding tooth)  which i will process 
And some phaeolus schweinitizii (dyer's polypore) which made the yellow and the green mohair colours, the corals were made from my freshly dug up madder.....the season has begun and I am mordanting wool ready for the pots when the shrooms this season