Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Happy

May all be blessed with health and peace in the coming year...thanks for stopping by and hoping
the year is creative and inspiring for all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lichens likeness coming of the light

  1. H

    Here's to the coming of the light and all things bright and xmas lights, and sanguinea mushrooms found today in the woods, and lichens found on my workbench..
  2. am working on a lichen series in felt, and experimenting with many different textures in felting, which has been quite fun and relaxing. Inspired by several european artists and their work, I have been going for texture and lichens are the perfect example as there are plenty here, and dh studies mosses and lichens so we are always exposed to looking at them up close and personal.
  3. the Christmas fairs were hugely successful and the felted collars and cuffs were a big hit..and so it was a lift to be able to love doing something and get rewarded for it by huge all in all felting is on the agenda for the near future, as I think I will be on the table working on more and more projects in fibre. Wishing everyone a wonderful season, and the days are truly getting longer now, so the light is definitely coming!!! annie lennox has a wonderful xmas carol cd out, which is a treat to can go to you tube and listen to a few cuts from the album...merry merry and peaceful New Years to all



Sunday, November 28, 2010

felting frenzy

Here is what I have been up to the past several weeks, and I am loving felting more and more, and as someone said, do anything a thousand times and you will be good...or something like that, but at any rate I can definitely see my felting improving as I work more at it. The hats were fun to do and embedded silk was definitely a great addition, as for the gauntlets, well, what can I say, I have a serious addiction to them and love wearing them. Keeping our pulses warm keeps your whole body warm, of course I did not go naked in the snow with just the gauntlets on, but I am sure it
Some I put thumbs in and others I did the wild and crazy on them, and that is folded up and can be worn either on the top or bottom of the wrist, and they look stunning, (she says with no apparent modesty). I love how when we make something it becomes its own thing and stands on its own separate from the maker to some degree, at least to the degree I can love them and not feel like I am bragging about my work, but just that they look great as their own thing.

The beige ones I really enjoyed, as I made them in white and then dyed them in walnut, which brought out the different textiles, silk, prefelts etc, that I used...I also finished the edges which
I liked the look of. These I took to the Xmas faire and all my collars and cuffs were a huge hit, and that of course was just the excuse I needed to make more for the next show coming up next week-end. It will be a two day event so I am felting like a felting fool, and dyeing with shrooms and lichen and generally having a lot of fun and not too many aches and pains from felting.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fall is falling

Very appreciative of the dermocybes I found, three types and took the stipes off them all and separated them by color although I am never sure exactly what I have...I have red cap reddish stipes and red gills, semi sanguineas, and some red cap with beige three kinds and some very large caps which was I will go again once the rains ease up a bit and perhaps there will be more.\
I have been felting, dyeing with lobster mushrooms, and phaeolus, and am craving some bright yellows so I will put some weld on to cook. I grow that in my garden and it such a clear yellow.
More lobster mushrooms to be done, as friends are gathering for me also, which makes for a lot of lobsters. I did a batch the other day, and then once it cooled I put vinegar in the ammonia/lobster juice, and then reentered three separate sections and got some variegated lobster mushroom wool.
Very fun. I am working for two Christmas fairs and felting like a felting much inspiration these days. Pictures will follow...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

new felting

Here are the latest scarflettes, so inspired...loved all the lichen texture I got from embedding silks etc....just can't get enough of these right now so am thrilled to have some time to make more.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treasure Hunting

We have been having a treasure hunt in the woods, and found treasures...the first of the season, so beautiful and bug free and tasty..have some dehydrating now and will powder them, plus had a huge pan full for dinner last night. So fun, there we are on an ordinary quiet forest walk, not seeing any shrooms at all then voila...and there are many of them, just tucked in the moss by old downed trees, and so clean of insects and so plumb, it was a treat....

Aside from harvesting Chanterelles, no dyers mushrooms to be found. I remember once going up the mountain for dyers shrooms, and seeing a patch of Chanterelles, and I was so focused on finding the sanguineas I passed on the Chanterelles and was about ten steps away, when it dawned on me and back I

Am madly, happily felting and learning new tricks, and loving playing with the fibres and silks, and materials...I will take some photos, but seem to be selling them faster than I can photograph I will be making more variation on the theme, either Nudibranch neckpieces, or Kelp, not sure of the name as people have
seen them as both...but am researching nudibranchs, should have used that as the title to this post, I am sure some weirdos would when
I had my biggest blog hit when I referred to the phaeolus schwinitzii as Butt Rot in my title of the

so work days for the next two and then for some more felting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whew! what a summer

Waiting for these fungi, and eager to dye with more shrooms.Rain for the first day after summer, and the summer folk are all leaving our island, and so the rains comes first and then hopefully some quiet walks in the woods, and some mushroom dyeing.
The summer has passed by so quickly, only really two months of summer this year, and now it definitely feels like fall. The fall faire is the next event and hopefully it will be a beautiful fall day.
Not much dyeing going on right now, as the wells are low this time of year, and the garden is taking the extra water. Much garlic has been harvested, and tomatoes still coming.
I have been obsessed with wet felting, and continue to work on a series of scarves...I will post the pics soon. For now not much to report. The rain is soothing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OMG I got Orchil

Well yesterday was full of surprizes....just as I was cleaning up the natural dye room, and emptying some fairly gross mushroom vats etc...I was just about to throw out a jar when I noticed it was fuschia coloured...Oh the joy, yes, I finally got some orchil and it was not even stirred at all..Of course, I am always trying different lichens to see if they give orchil, but to no avail, so I had basically become very slovenly about labeling etc...and wouldn't you know it, the one I didn't label was the jar of ecstatic!!!!!!!!! it was a jar I had put lichen and ammonia in and then left for many months...not touched. and it was so I sort of remembered where I got it and returned there yesterday to experiment again...
in the meantime, I had carrot tops on the go...thus the first picture, which is silk/merino, with alum and COT , dyed then put in an after dip of iron, and now I have some lovely tri coloured natural dyed skeins....also dyed with some other fungus, which came out a lovely grey brown, which is not usually a colour I would call lovely, but it truly is...I will post more pics of the finished product today...but the dye room is kicking up again and I apparently am on a roll...of oourse having l9 days vacation in the middle of summer certainly helps. So off to open somemore of those mysterious yet smelly jars. lol

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

what no pictures!!

Yes, no pics today but tomorrow when everything is drying as I have been mordanting and dyeing wool as I am home sick from work. Too sick to work, not sick enough for the bed, so spent one day doing mordanting in Alum and COT, and today some dye baths. Did some mushroom dyeing and the pale hues are amazing. My water is somewhat alkaline naturally so it brought the pinks out of the sanguinea shrooms, and then part way through the cooking I took some dye bath water, one skein of 50/50 silk merino, out and added a "glug" of vinegar, definitely brought out the orange hues, and the one in the alkaline natural water from my well, was the subtle differences. And then did a logwood/logwood grey bath for some deep purples that will be light and wash fast as the logwood grey has some iron in it which I am thinking, will fast up the logwood. Then did pomegranate and turmeric, my mentors idea, and got a lovely golden color, which the pomegranate will make the turmeric fast of light and have been busy today dyeing and fun to get into it again. Am using up some of my bought natural dyes, before I dive into the collected natural materials, which I personally find, way more rewarding, especially when I collect them in my garden or the woods around here... I also did an osage and iron bath, cooking for 20 minutes in osage, before lifting and adding iron...oh I will get my camera out as these are too nice to not show you....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where did spring go...

Everything is moving way too fast, much work in the garden, many things to plant, although it is a cool spring and I am holding up on things waiting for the heat. We have lots of hummers and things are definitely springing forth, thus the picture of the salmonberry shoot, the color of the thorns against the stock is very inspiring..and the Hornby Blues Festival is about to begin and an art show is always the opening...thus the Hornby Blues Rocks...literally that is . I made a series of musical blue felted rocks for the show and have a few more to finish. Lots of fun to make but hard on the wrists, i.e. rocks are heavy.
I am awaiting new base yarn, and will be ready to do my sanguinea mushrooms that I have dried and have been saving for such a time as this. I was actually hoarding them but am hopeful of more next fall, so the time has come. I also have a lovely
wold plant in flower in the garden, and ready to plant more seedlings for dyeing..maybe have my own seed. The weld is abundant this year and I still have my dried weld from last year that I haven't used yet. Perhaps time for a natural dye workshop, as my supplies are getting out of hand. I hope to write more often as my dyeing proceeds this spring, but time has a funny way of slipping by...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

old dye manuscripts found

Bethany( with these sent me this info re old dyeing manuscripts found in India...they say the pages are yellow and brittle, but the colours from the natural dyeing is still very bright...such good news, and here is the site Perhaps we can reap even more info re natural dyeing...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

For the Birds

=How could we possibly create anything that even comes close to mother nature...this wee nest was in our nesting box where the chickadees had been last spring, and dh took this fabulous pic, with bits of moss lining the whole outside, followed by cat hair which we supply on the brush around our deck and then lots of wool, silk, merino fibre that we cut up and leave on the bushes and there is even some red sweet is that?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spring has sprung

And the herring are moving here, and the eagles is all springing forth. It has been awhile since my last post and the above is what I have been obsessed with. Felting rocks and beads...the rocks are embedded into the felt and the beaded one is starting to get ready to become a necklace, the small beads are felted then shibori dyed which is quite fun, they are cut little bundles and were tied with elastics, I felted white balls then elastic wrapped and put in indigo dye...the rocks have been embedded using wet felt which was a process I have been trying to work out for awhile, and I do believe I have it down now, famous last words but it took a bit of experimenting which is always a challenge for me to just experiment and not expect good results.
the blog world is giving me problems lately as it won't post pics as I am writing this and the pic just appears as here's hoping this will work....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

Having trouble writing and doing photos in the same post, but below are three new felting moments...I use the term lightly as "moments" they are not...for example the felting of rocks is not quick, but it does feel very therapeutic. I don't really understand that but the warmth of the wool combined with the heaviness of the rock just seems so appealing when handled...I can take them or leave them by sight, but by touch they are something very special...who would have guessed. The next photo is of a hat in process, which is in Cl/pelsull fibre, felted like a hot damn, used Beth Beede's "hat over a ball" technique which is soooooo simple and easy, and is exceptionally quick.. still figuring out where to go with the embellishing but think that hats are in my future yet again. The third piece is a vessel, and I might not make these again, but it was fun. But do I or anyone really need a wool vessel? maybe perhaps, but....
so felting is still getting me off, and I have many ideas yet to manifest. Have dyed a little wool, but nothing stunning as of yet..except for some honey tussah silk which I dyed with acid dyes and well, need I say more, the colours are absolutely breathtaking, even if I do say so myself.
So here on the west coast of Canada, it continues to be mild, and wet, and rather windy...but oh so doable compared to ice and snow. I am so into grey and rain at least until spring. so back to the felting table (which is the kitchen counter at this moment> oh for a big table...

Felting Fever continues