Thursday, May 20, 2010

what no pictures!!

Yes, no pics today but tomorrow when everything is drying as I have been mordanting and dyeing wool as I am home sick from work. Too sick to work, not sick enough for the bed, so spent one day doing mordanting in Alum and COT, and today some dye baths. Did some mushroom dyeing and the pale hues are amazing. My water is somewhat alkaline naturally so it brought the pinks out of the sanguinea shrooms, and then part way through the cooking I took some dye bath water, one skein of 50/50 silk merino, out and added a "glug" of vinegar, definitely brought out the orange hues, and the one in the alkaline natural water from my well, was the subtle differences. And then did a logwood/logwood grey bath for some deep purples that will be light and wash fast as the logwood grey has some iron in it which I am thinking, will fast up the logwood. Then did pomegranate and turmeric, my mentors idea, and got a lovely golden color, which the pomegranate will make the turmeric fast of light and have been busy today dyeing and fun to get into it again. Am using up some of my bought natural dyes, before I dive into the collected natural materials, which I personally find, way more rewarding, especially when I collect them in my garden or the woods around here... I also did an osage and iron bath, cooking for 20 minutes in osage, before lifting and adding iron...oh I will get my camera out as these are too nice to not show you....

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Yvette said...

hoi, I so much love the green color!