Sunday, March 8, 2015

Into pot

Well I am back into the dyeing pots am trying to work through a lot of dried shrooms and lichens ..the two below are omphalotus olivascens which I tried to get a purple but ended up with lovely silvers, and the paxillus atromentosus which gave me lovely greenish brassy colour. all the colours  I loved butnot necessarily   what I was expecting.. Will try the omphalotus again with ph lower and simmering and see if purple will show itself....I love the mystery of the shroom dyeing and very seldom am disappointed with whatever I get, and the lovely thing about natural dyeing is they all go so beautifully with each other 
and I also am. Weaving some rugs again, out of 100 percent wool, the weft being four plyed  homespun...they are thick and lush and am keeping one for myself for a change...
finished this mushroom dyed blanket which was the end of twenty blankets, it was hard to cut off the end of the dummy warp, but I had to to make room for the
spring has definitely sprung here on the west coast of Canada and I find myself looking for mushrooms already. The Rufus hummers have returned and seedlings are coming up naturally in the garden...what a wonderful if not worrisome mild winter.