Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"silk sandwiches:" or how I ruched through my summer

Here's what my summer is looking like, and I am thrilled with upcycled silks on felt...I have been doing the markets and in between making these and of course, many other things, like a lot of eco printing and dyeing with nature...the st. john's wort is blooming, and so are many other generous
dye plants, and my indigo are thriving like crazy...it has been amazing to watch the indigo plants (tinctorium) just adjust to all kinds of weather and still pump the new leaves.  I have a small patch in the garden and several potted ones, and the potted ones seem to be larger, which I think has to do with the warmth the black pot provides and the fact I have them in sun most of the day whereas the garden ones get less sun but seem to be thriving nonetheless. My woad has gone to seed and I have collected the seed head and have a number of smaller plants which I will harvest later this summer.
All is going along really well considering June was one incredibly wet month, but now the temps are in the seventies which is quite doable.
And "ruching" I love what this does with silk on wool and the patterns that show up when not expected, another type of alchemy, a bit more predictable but a surprise and delight always.  I have been using many dimensions of silk, and many variaties and they all speak a different language with wool...and of course, the type of wool also plays a big role in the alchemy.  I have been so thrilled with the "silk sandwiches" that they are quite addictive.....so more sun, more felt, and more summer please...