Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Happy

May all be blessed with health and peace in the coming year...thanks for stopping by and hoping
the year is creative and inspiring for all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lichens likeness coming of the light

  1. H

    Here's to the coming of the light and all things bright and xmas lights, and sanguinea mushrooms found today in the woods, and lichens found on my workbench..
  2. am working on a lichen series in felt, and experimenting with many different textures in felting, which has been quite fun and relaxing. Inspired by several european artists and their work, I have been going for texture and lichens are the perfect example as there are plenty here, and dh studies mosses and lichens so we are always exposed to looking at them up close and personal.
  3. the Christmas fairs were hugely successful and the felted collars and cuffs were a big hit..and so it was a lift to be able to love doing something and get rewarded for it by huge all in all felting is on the agenda for the near future, as I think I will be on the table working on more and more projects in fibre. Wishing everyone a wonderful season, and the days are truly getting longer now, so the light is definitely coming!!! annie lennox has a wonderful xmas carol cd out, which is a treat to can go to you tube and listen to a few cuts from the album...merry merry and peaceful New Years to all