Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fall is falling

Very appreciative of the dermocybes I found, three types and took the stipes off them all and separated them by color although I am never sure exactly what I have...I have red cap reddish stipes and red gills, semi sanguineas, and some red cap with beige stipe...so three kinds and some very large caps which was great...so I will go again once the rains ease up a bit and perhaps there will be more.\
I have been felting, dyeing with lobster mushrooms, and phaeolus, and am craving some bright yellows so I will put some weld on to cook. I grow that in my garden and it such a clear yellow.
More lobster mushrooms to be done, as friends are gathering for me also, which makes for a lot of lobsters. I did a batch the other day, and then once it cooled I put vinegar in the ammonia/lobster juice, and then reentered three separate sections and got some variegated lobster mushroom wool.
Very fun. I am working for two Christmas fairs and felting like a felting fool...so much inspiration these days. Pictures will follow...


Fran said...

I was wondering if you find a difference by not using the stipes ? I am pretty new to mushroom dyeing and hope that it is not a daft question !

cedar said...

Fran: Mostly I have done the whole mushrooms because I just don't find a huge amount, but this year I have several bags of separated and will see if I notice a difference...apparently with just the caps you get more of the reds, and the stipes tip it towards the yellow tones...more experimenting to follow...let me know what you discover.

dawn said...

great to find your blog - just getting into mushroom dyes - have done some lichen dyes in the past but looking forward to trying to find some shrooms this fall. I too am on the west coast of Canada - would like to find some info on dying procedure for lobster muchroom.
Can you help??