Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Righteous Rain

And the rain is coming down, for the last two days and the garden is loving it, so are my woad plants which seem to be developing quite nicely. I also have flowering weld plants that are very elegant looking, and this is my latest dye bath. Acid dyes again as I had someone wanting silk, and silk/cashmere in those colours, so I went for the pink and orange shades. I am getting ready to dye some woad, just have to get my courage up as I haven't done that before and also I am still using my eucalyptus dye pot. Eucalyptus, the plant that just keeps giving, and the wool and cashmere smell wonderful. Have been doing the market and job and times are busy, the summer rush is upon us and I know fall is a blink away. I am already thinking of the mushrooms I hope to find and am almost ready to dye with the semi sanguinea I have been saving....feel like I want this years in hand before I use up all of last year, somewhat obsessed perhaps.
Seems that I won't be posting as often this summer as I haven't the time, but I love that I have this dyer's journal as I found some silk I had dyed and not marked and it was a wonderful shade of green, and voila, I looked it up and it was in this journal, apparently polypore and iron were the culprits to obtaining the green, must do that again.

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Helen said...

Apparently woad likes a watering just before picking so I guess your rain is coming at the right time! I agree with you on the value of keeping a blog- it is soooo useful when you want to check on something you have done and forgotten about!