Sunday, October 23, 2011

dance of abundance

Cortinarias are popping up but what type is still in question...perhaps "croceus" but perhaps one of the other hundred of types of these shrooms, but these have lovely tan tops and gold/orange gills, and now I have them at home have separated the caps from the stipes and have cooked the caps and soaked the stipes...the wool is cooling in the mordant and tomorrow will be the telling moment.  I believe my water is almost neutral ph although I did use tap water.  Oh the fun of fall.   I was able to pick some today but due to a cold, dh picked a lot in the past few days as well as these photos, to let me see where he had the photos...
tomorrow I will start cutting and  soaking the hydnellum peckii (older) which we got on our camping trip last week up north. There were no young ones but a few older ones, so I will try them.
The trip was a great success as the weather was good enough to camp and the shrooms were out. No cauliflowers, and no lobsters which is quite a surprize. 
So the hunt continues, for colour and shrooms...I love the fall


Alissa said...

did you get good color from these?

Alissa said...
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