Thursday, February 20, 2014


Just can't get enough felting these days, must be spring springing as my vreative juices are ramped up big mind seems to be full of new ideas and new techniques and no housework is being done at all... Thought i would be spring cleaning right now, but ...obsessions rule.  The obsession with the brick wall i call them, is still happening, and have several pieces and wall hangings.  I think next obsession I will work in one tone or two then can mix and match into a vest perhaps, I think this technique would work well for a vest with texture, and I am now busy embedding between layers of felt. And experimenting with different type of embedding materials...this has been fun and I see pins clasps etc in their future...small, sit in my chair at night spring fever seems have hit, although I have yet to see anyspring lambs  here, or any herring yet, but the sea lions are gathering and roaring all day and night, and crocii are blooming..I love the West coast of Canada...

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