Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seascape Stool and Flowers

JUst finished this 'seascape' stool for the chair auction to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation 'Grandmothers for Grandmothers'..we have some incredibly hard working people, mostly women, who work year round to gather chairs and repair and paint them and pass them out to people who want to make one to contribute to the chair auction the end of July, here on Hornby...THey have had an auction every second year and this is my third project I have donated to....they are always  very inspiring to work on and to know you are raising money for some grandmothers in Africa makes it even more inspiring....The next piece is a large flower which was inspired  by Kristy Kun, although I Have done  something   totally different in the processing, I had been inspired by her flowers and it was fun to make, have four made and think i am done with the flowers for the moment..the next are three pieces where I have inlayed some eco printed silk pieces onto a base o f black chiffon and black how the silk is ruching  on these and have plans to make larger ones.  
the beat goes on...........