Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Leafy days of spring

Here are the photos I liked from todays walk with my friend who is 82 and has wonderful eyes, she is always seeing things I miss, and has such a beautiful eye for them, and leaves are one of her favourite, so she reintroduced my mushroom seeking, moss delving eyes, and had me focusing on leaves, and voila there were some sweet ones...It was a beautiful sunny spring type day and the leaves where colorful in there the textures were wonderful, and so many colors very inspiring for dyeing yarns...the lower one is especially dyeable.....On the knitting front I am working on dyeing sock yarn which I think profit wise is a bit of a right off, unless you are selling it yourself, because with the galleries putting on their percentage, I really don[t think it is worth it for me...but I do like to dye some just for my socks and for the market...but don't think I will get too far into it, as it is too much work for not enough return and life is too short...I could be out there taking pictures of leaves....but am working on a cashmere/silk :"ice queen" as I like my yellow kid mohair but wanted one a little heavier so I am knitting it in white and I will dye it is very soft and necky.....and am working on finishing two pair of socks, and one old shale scarf and still waiting for my new blocking wires...very thrilled with that more pictures to follow...

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