Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Under the weather with the ice queen

Here's the latest finished gooding, the Ice Queen, from Knitty....without the beads, and shortened, to ll final repeats, because I could never see myself wearing it over my head, but do love to where high neck covers, for the warmth it gives, and for the chins it covers...seem to be liking them more the older I get, but really they are incredibly this is done in silk haze and certainly took the whole ball, and if I had followed that pattern it would have been more , which is kind of a shame as a one ball pattern is always good to use up those balls... it has a provisional cast on, which I got to practice and a picot edge bind off which I learned to do and took forever. All this while listening to a book on tape...which I love doing if knitting as I get to "read" the book and not lose out on knitting or spinning and also because sometimes the brain just doesn't want CBC...This is how I get through some novels that would have perhaps been a slog to read...and as long as the narrator is good and it is unabridged I really enjoy it.

Here is the close up of the ice queen although the buttery yellow of the silkhaze seems to be lost.
Next is a string bag which I am going to make from organic cotton which I bought on Ravelry for a more than reasonable price. So as the island turns ......

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Louisa said...

It's really pretty, Cedar, even without the beads! Perhaps your gauge was tighter than the pattern since you would have run out of yarn if you had kept on? I'm hoping I don't run out too soon since my Ice Queen (aka Twilight Queen) is in handspun SeaWool dyed in logwood and a wee bit of cochineal and I don't have any more of it! I could always spin up more yarn but the dye job is a one-time-only deal. Fingers crossed.